The IPv4 Map of 36C3

January 3, 2020

Last year (three days ago), I visited 36C3, the 36th Annual CCC event, held in Leipzig, Germany. This is an event with thousands of attendees, that gather together to attend talks, hack things, create tools, showcase new projects, etc. It is an amazing event, that I simply can’t recommend enough.

During this event, the C3NOC, under the trademark CCC Internetmanufaktur™, provides an amazing network, both wired and wireless, for attendees to use. It spans the entire event area, and people use it extensively. This network is dual-stack, which means it runs on both IPv6 and IPv4.

For the IPv4 space, they use, at least for access, a /16 network, and devices are assigned addresses there, mostly using DHCP. Given my recent blog post on mapping the Greek Internet, I thought I should use the same tools and methodology learned there, to monitor the event IP space, and see how it differs over time.

So I added to the imager, and set it to run pings every hour, at the 30th minute. Since the network was mostly wireless, and in a heavily congested and very high density space, I decided to limit the rate at 128 concurrent pings. The measurements started on the 26th of December, 2019, at 19:30 UTC, and ended on the 3rd of January, 2020, three days after the event, mainly because I forgot about them. This is also the range of dates included in the GIF, so the teardown and subsequent dissapear from the Internet, due to a fiber cut and then planned maintenance, can be visible here.

So without further delay, I present you, 36C3’s animated GIF IPv4 Map:

The 36C3 Hilbert Curve Animated GIF